15 minute workout

Time for a cup of tea?  Then you have time for a workout.

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One of the most common reasons I hear from clients and friends for not exercising regularly is being able to find the time.  “Life is just too busy”, “I have other priorities that take up my time” or “I don’t have an hour to spare to get to gym today” are all frequently stated. 

I totally agree, life is busy and our time is limited.  However, the good news is that you don’t need to slog it out on a treadmill for 60 minutes or do endless sets of bicep curls to tone up, lose fat and burn a serious amount calories.   

In fact, a recent study showed that just a 10 minute workout, had the same level of benefits as a 45 minute jog.  The catch?  The workout must be done at high intensity.  

HIIT training


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is quickly becoming a go to format with those in the fitness industry, why?  Because, put simply, it is damn effective.   

Workouts that alternate between short, but intense bursts of exercise, (at close to maximum effort) and periods of rest & recovery, have been shown to be more effective for increasing cardiovascular fitness, fat loss and strength gains than traditional cardio training. 

Therefore, if you are pushed for time or lack the motivation to complete a 45-60 minute workout, why not try the workout below?  It should take no more than 15 minutes, and if you do it three days a week, that’s only 45 minutes to carve out of your busy weekly schedule.  You’ll definitely reap the rewards. 

Maximum workouts 

Workout structure 

 To warm up before you begin, start with 1 minute of marching on the spot to warm the body and get blood flowing to your muscles.  Follow this with 4-5 dynamic stretches, incorporating the major muscles groups.  Each stretch should last 20-30 seconds.  I’d suggest arm rotations, side twists, squats, front lunges and tuck jumps. 

Once warmed up, complete each exercise, at maximum effort, for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest.  Try to do as many repetitions as possible within the 20 seconds.  Then repeat the exercise and rest again.  Complete five rounds before moving onto the next exercise. 

1. Press up burpees 

Begin standing with your feet shoulder width apart, squat as deeply as you can and place your hands on the floor.  Kick your feet back together so that you are in a press up position (plank).  Lower your chest to the ground, keeping your back straight and core engaged.  Push yourself back up, extending at the elbows.  Bring your knees back to a squat position and jump up throwing your hands above your head.  Repeat.

2. Jumping Jacks 

Begin upright with your hands by your sides and feet together.  Jump up and land with your feet shoulder width apart.  At the same time your hands should be raised sideways and touch above your head.  Jump again and return both your hands and feet to their starting positions.

3. Up/down Planks 

Begin in the plank position, palms on the floor.  Keeping your spine neutral, drop down onto your right elbow, then drop down onto your left elbow.  Now you should be resting on both elbows and your toes.  Now rise back up to your palms and extend your arms back to the starting position, right arm first, then left.  Repeat.

4. Standing sprints 

Sprint on the spot as fast as possible. Arms should be bent at the elbows and moving in time with the legs to provide additional power.  Raise knees as high as comfortable.

5. 180 degree jumps 

Your starting position is standing upright, feet shoulder width apart.  Squat down into a deep squat and flex the elbows.  Push up through the heels and jump as high as possible, while simultaneously rotating 180 degrees so that you land facing the opposite way.  Repeat rotating back the opposite way.