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The Essentials – Free weights

Are you new to gym or have you always stuck to resistance machines and would like to venture into free weights but just don't know where to start? Training with free weights can be a daunting decision. Firstly, there is a slightly greater potential for injury, as you lose the added stability that resistance machines can offer. In addition, it can be an intimidating area, with more experienced gym users lifting heavy weights, which can leave many people feeling self-conscious, especially if they do not know what they are doing. However, training with free weights can be hugely beneficial and

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15 minute workout

Time for a cup of tea?  Then you have time for a workout. Try my FREE 15 minute workout and get the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time... One of the most common reasons I hear from clients and friends for not exercising regularly is being able to find the time.  “Life is just too busy”, "I have other priorities that take up my time" or “I don’t have an hour to spare to get to gym today” are all frequently stated.  I totally agree, life is busy and our time is limited.  However, the good news is that

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